domingo, 11 de septiembre de 2016



Receptionist: AMT International. May I help you?
Caller: Yes, please. I’d like to speak to Mr. Grant from the Marketing Department. Extension 923.
Receptionist: Who’s calling, please?
Caller: This is Jason Wallis, from Wallis Instruments.
Receptionist: One momento Mr. Wallis. (pause). The extensión is busy, Mr. Wallis.Would you like to wait?
Caller: Mm!! Not really.
Receptionist: Would you like to leave a message?
Caller: Yes, please. Tell Mr. Grant to phone me as soon as possible.
Receptionist: Can you give me your phone number, please?
Caller: Sure, it’s 325-9845. Extension 1628.
Receptionist: and can you spell your full name, please?
Caller: It’s J A S O N W A L L I S.
Receptionist: Thank you, Mr. Wallis. I’ll give Mr. Grant the message.
Caller: Please, make sure he gets it. It’s urgent.
Receptionist: Of course, Sir. Good bye.
Caller: Good bye. Thank you. Oh! One moment, please. Who am I speaking to?
Receptionist: My name is Chandal.
Caller: Can you spell it, please?
Receptionist: It’s C H A N D A L
Caller: Thank you, bye.

• The extensión is busy
• Mr Klaus is not in his office
• Mrs Yeats is out for lunch
• You can leave a message in his / her voice mail
• Can I speak with the Production Department, please?

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